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Nambiar’s Sri Dhanwantari Ayurveda Hospital , nestles amidst the green lush of herbs in the premises of Ayush Ram situated in Barkur, a small town located on the banks of the river Seeta.

Barkur a heritage place, is popularly known as village of temples - the place once harboured 365 temples. The heritage town is geographically located between the two world famous piligrimage centres of which one is Udupi, the temple town and the other is Kollur which is embraced by the beautiful Western Ghats.

Barkur is conviniently connected by the rail and roadways. The nearest airport is Bajpe Airport in Mangalore.

It all began with Sri Dhanwantari Vaidyashala profounded by the Late Kelappan Nambiar and was taken over by Late KTN Raman Nambiar in 1930.

Late KTN Raman Nambiar belongs to a family of scholars from Kannur district in Kerala.

He had great expertise in Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Astrology and Poetry as well. He emphasized and practiced the rare art of Nadi Pareeksha as a tool for diagnosing the present and imminent ailments which benefited thousands of patients in and outside the state. The Vaidyashala had its own production unit.

Respecting his selfless service to the society, All India Ayurveda Vidyapeeta of New Delhi honored him with the title “Bhishag Ratna “.

Mesmerised by his professionalism, the learned people rightly called him “Abhinava Dhanwantari” The treasury of knowledge was passed on to his next generation and Sri Dhanwantari Vaidyashala was shaped up into Nambiar’s Sri Dhanwantari Ayurveda clinic by his son Dr.K.Ramachandran Nambiar.

Dr.K.Ramachandran Nambiar is no where less than his father Bishag Ratna late KTN. Raman Nambiar. An expert Nadi vaidya has an outstanding career graph benefiting the patients suffering from Infertility, Hormonal disturbances, Diabetes, all types of Arthritis, Gastro intestinal ailments etc. for more than 4 decades.

He has been honored with galore of awards and appreciations.

The new endeavor in his career is Sri Dhanwantari Ayurveda Hospital and Research centre.

Backing him up in his new venture is his next generation of specialized, determined, experienced and friendly doctors.

Our Doctors

Dr. K.T.Ramaprakash Nambiar, M.D
Dr. Sowmya R Nambiar , M.D.
Dr. K.T. Krishna Kumar, M.D.
Dr. Harsha K Nambiar, BAMS.
Dr. Vinitha S Nambiar, M.D

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