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Sri Dhanwantari Ayurveda Hospital and Research centre is a multispeciality Ayurveda hospital located in the meadows of Barkur town on the banks of river Seeta. The firm has a treatment tradition of more than 7 decades.

Our Facilities

Separate out patient and in patient departments

The hospital has a sophisticated in patient department with well furnished deluxe rooms with a/c and non a/c facilities. A well equipped panchakarma theatre is attached to the I.P.D.

Nadi pareeksha.

A rhythmic pulsations felt at the root of the palm of an individual is called nadi. By the means of its rhythm and arythm the natural constitution and abnormalcy of the body and mind is assessed and this art of nadi pareeksha is been practiced here since decades.

Experienced and specialized ayurvedic doctors round the clock

Panchakarma therapies

Detoxifying therapies aswell as the palliative treatment procedures is carried out keeping in mind the apt season, time, patients body constitution and diseased condition.

The treatment modalities at sri Dhanwantari Ayurvedic hospital and research centre are

Abhyanga( Massage),Nadi sweda, Bhashpa sweda( steam bath), Pariseka, Anna lepana, sashtika shali pinda sweda (Navara kizhi), Patrapinda sweda, Jambeerapinda sweda, Podi kizhi, Mutta kizhi, Tailadhara ( shirodhara), Shirobasti,Kati basti,Janu basti, Upanaha sweda, Udwartana, Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya,Raktamokshana, Tarpana, Ayurveda beauty therapy etc.

We have well trained male and female panchakarma therapists.

Yoga therapy.

Holistic approach is the main motto of our hospital. Yoga which awakens the spirituality stabilizes the mind and body as well .the therapy is made available to the in patients by the scholarly instructors.

Hygienic ayurvedic dietetics.

Pathya ahara is an integral part of Ayurveda, the food articles which are congenial to the individual , suitable to the climate, stage of the disease, medicine, treatment procedures etc is called pathya ahara. The in patients will be served hygienic and suitable pathya ahara at periodic intervals.

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