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My humblest thanks for all the treatments and wonderfully listening attitude. Such a pleasure and improvement in my health, happy to be ur patient. I would never forget how much the blessed shirodharas skilfully given reduced my migraine and how the best massage treatments helped my muscle and joint pains. Oils your clinic uses are the freshest I have ever experienced and the medical value was prominent every time like a miracle.

Thousands of thanks and see you. For sure I will recommend beautiful tidy and expert clinic to all my yoga friends who come to Gurukula Sastana.

-----IRA, FINLAND, (26.06.2016)

This hospital in such a beautiful place makes it mesmerising. It has the best quality treatment and the stay is very pleasant . Doctors and the staff are co operative and it is really nice staying here. Good and hygienic food. All the best for the hospital to grow up to the expectation.

-----Prabha ratna, Coorg, (30.06.2016)

Fantastic stay and nice treatment all the doctors are very much caring .I was a chronic boozer and chain smoker. After this treatment i have decided to quit Yoga lesson is good I will do it every day.

Thank you Nambiyar’s Dhanvantary Ayurveda Hospital.

-----J.T. Ramakrishna, Davanagere, (04.07.2016)

I really enjoyed my stay of 7 days at this hospital. The doctors and the supporting staff have taken care of me very well and i have received the highest standard of care and service. I feel my health condition is improving as my body has been responding positively to the kind of treatment I received at this hospital. Wish you good luck and thank you for all the good work you have done to me.

---Godwin Jossi Disouza, Bantwal, (25.08.2016)

I underwent treatment at this hospital for lumbar pain. During my entire stay the treatment was wonderful and there was considerable relief in my problem. The punctuality and sincerity of the therapists were appreciative. Thanks to Dr.vinitha, Dr. Ramprakash and Dr. Krishna kumar for their interest shown in my treatment from day one to the end. All supportive staff are also good and well behaved. The quality of the food was also satisfactory.

Overall I feel like recommending this hospital to many of my family and friends who are eager to take such ayurvedic treatment. Best of luck for entire Nambiar’s family to their courage to establish such a hospital in small place and also congratulations .

---Dr. Divakar bhat, Karwar, (19.09.2016)

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